Having a quality schedule is vital to keeping your restaurant running smoothly. TimeForge can make scheduling easier with this free restaurant scheduling template. With Obamacare already here, we’ve made sure that our spreadsheet helps you track employee hours and overtime. If an employee is scheduled for more than 30 hours in one week, their hours worked background color will change to red. If they’re scheduled for more than 40 hours in one week, the background color will change to red and the text will change to red too. That way you’ll see overtime at a glance and manage your labor hours much more effectively.

If you’re interested in something that offers more benefits than Excel could ever offer, you should try out TimeForge Scheduling Lite. TimeForge Scheduling Lite is our free web-based scheduling software that helps schedule small restaurants with 25 users at 1 location. Your employees will be able to enter their availability and their time off requests. You’ll be able to approve or deny time off requests online within TimeForge and be able to easily see who’s unavailable when building the schedule. You won’t accidentally override any requests. Employees can even optionally receive email alerts about the schedule, keeping them in the loop.

Benefits of this restaurant scheduling template:

  • It helps you save you time.

  • It helps employees stay satisfied.

  • It builds a customized schedule to fit your restaurant’s flexible needs.

  • It’s really simple.

  • It’s totally free!

  • There’s nothing to install and no catch! Just enter your email and we’ll send the template to you.

A restaurant scheduling template gets schedules built quickly!

If you’re already using Excel, using this restaurant scheduling template will help reduce your workload. Mistakes happen but this template will help you reduce simple mistakes. Our free restaurant scheduling template will help make the time-consuming work easier.

Our template gives you somewhere to start when building your staff schedule. A good schedule will keep in mind an employee’s preferences and what works for your restaurant. When keeping employee availability in mind, a schedule can help employees feel more comfortable coming to work. Happy employees means happy customers, and happy customers come back to your restaurant and tell their friends!

With our template you’ll be able to save time. You will enter employee details once. No more writing out who works what every week! You’ll be able to build a schedule based on the shifts you’ve already typed up. This restaurant scheduling template allows you to save time when constructing the schedule and gets you back to interacting with customers and taking care of your restaurant.

Here's what our customers say about our free software!

Before using TimeForge, creating a schedule took 2 hours. With TimeForge, it takes less than 10 minutes.
Kerr Drug
The employees LOVE it because they know that they are going to have a day off when they need it. Before TimeForge, it was so disorganized that they might get it, or might not.
David Jennings
David Jennings
Goldie's Ice Cream
I've been really pleased with this latest version of TimeForge. I'm really getting familiar with this program and its become a great time saver! Keep up the good work!
Fresh Produce

Why use this restaurant scheduling template?

1. It’s easy to use. We at TimeForge know you’re busy! We want to help you! We’ve designed this template to be able to easily get started with.
2. It’s scalable. You can add a few employees or up to 100 employees with as many positions as needed. If your restaurant grows out of the template, can easily advance to staff scheduling software to make building a schedule easier.
3. It’s adaptable! Our template is designed to be just as flexible as you are. Our template has room for you to enter additional information as needed. You can add phone numbers, addresses, work preferences, etc.
4. It’s totally free. We know your restaurant is on a budget. We hope that this restaurant scheduling template will help you out while being completely free.

If a template isn’t for you, check out our scheduling software!

We give you this restaurant scheduling template, and we also have a completely free version of our web-based scheduling software. It’s free to use for one location with 25 users! TimeForge Scheduling Lite includes scheduling, position tracking, pay rates, optional email alerts sent to staff members, and time off requests. Your staff can also access TimeForge using the Web, our Facebook app or our iOS and Android apps!

If you think our software is something you’re interested in trying, sign up for a 10-day free trial or set up a demonstration by either giving us a call at 866-684-7191 or sending us an email!

What do I do now?

Enter your email above and we’ll email you the restaurant schedule template. After you’ve received it, open it up in Microsoft Excel and you can start entering data immediately. If you need something more than a template, you might want to try out TimeForge Scheduling Lite! It’s free for up to 25 users and 1 location. If you’re too big for Lite, then you can try out TimeForge Scheduling, TimeForge Attendance or TimeForge Max. We even have time clocks!

Want to know more?

Have questions about our software? Email our support center at info@timeforge.com or you can call us at 866-684-7191. One of our TimeForge educators can help you get started. You could also check out the TimeForge blog and see what our company is up to lately!

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